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At Capital Choice, hard work and dedication will always be rewarded.

We aim to promote a culture where success is possible for everyone. And it’s not all about who sells the most and makes the most money. We also reward initiative, spirit and leadership.

Annual National Conference

The annual Capital Choice National Conference is our largest event — kind of like a big family reunion. We talk about our successes, our challenges and how we can better serve our communities. And a lot of fun is had along the way.

Annual Awards Program

This is an event held at the end of the National Conference where we honor associates who have achieved new levels of success throughout the year.

Educational Conferences.

Associates who qualify for Capital Choice’s annual programs also qualify to receive special trips across the country and around the world. People have previously traveled to places like Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and Alaska.

Ownership Payout Programs.

In the event of retirement, death or disability, associates can qualify to receive ongoing compensation from business conducted by their team and their clients.


In addition to the above incentives, Capital Choice also offers a bonus program to associates who take advantage of our unparalleled business-building opportunity.

Wall of Fame.

This honor recognizes associates that have achieved significant success with the company. Inductees have their picture hung on the wall in the home office.

At Capital Choice, we help make financial wellness a reality.

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